Do you ever notice that condensation seems to build up on your windows of your home during the winter time? Every year when it starts getting colder, homeowners ask McCallum Aluminum Limited why window condensation occurs and if it can have negative consequences.

Surprisingly enough, the fact that new builds and home renovations in London, Ontario focus on energy efficiency is turning window condensation into a growing problem. Homes that are better sealed against air leakage and air exchange with the outside also tend to have higher humidity levels. Keep reading to learn more.

Stop The Moisture Before It Causes Damage

McCallum Aluminum Limited – window condensation – blog body 1As you go about your daily routine and cook, shower, and dry your laundry, a copious amount of moisture is released into your home. In old and leaky houses, this moisture simply escapes. In more energy efficient homes, the moisture lingers in the air and condensates when it makes contact with cool surfaces, such as windows.

It can definitely be a problem if too much moisture regularly settles on the windows of your London, Ontario home. The excess moisture can encourage mould growth, and trying to remove mould from constantly wet windows can feel like a losing battle. Over the years, the moisture can also cause significant damage to your window frames.

As window condensation is caused by improper ventilation, opening the windows can afford a quick solution to the problem. Doing so will provide the humid air with a way to escape, but it should only be seen as a temporary solution.

 Fans Can Help Remove Moisture From The Air

You can also help keep humidity levels down throughout the home by always using exhaust fans while cooking, running the dryer, showering, or taking a bath. Fans should be kept on for 15-20 minutes after you are finished bathing or showering in order to remove any remaining moisture. If any high-humidity areas of your home do not have an exhaust fan, then you should consider having one installed. 

Replace Your Windows For A Permanent Solution To Condensation


McCallum Aluminum Limited – window condensation – blog bodyThe most effective and permanent solution to stopping window condensation is to look for replacement windows in London which have a higher R-value. Condensation is less likely to form on windows with a higher R-value because they are more insulated. Sealing your old windows can actually make the problem worse, because the window panes will remain cold while humid air leakage will be even further reduced.

McCallum Aluminum Limited, a provider of replacement windows and doors in London, Ontario, has the perfect solution for you. If it’s time to replace old and damaged windows, then our North Star windows can put an end to your condensation problem once and for all. Popular throughout London, Ontario, our North Star replacement windows come with a high R-value and lifetime warranties.

Since 1957, McCallum Aluminum Limited has been helping homeowners make their homes more comfortable and energy-efficient by providing them with quality exterior renovation products. If years of window condensation have left you in need of replacement windows in London, Ontario, then it’s time to contact McCallum Aluminum Limited for a free estimate.