With the advancement of technology, life has gotten more convenient for people. One of these ways is through smart home devices. A great addition to any exterior home remodel in Ontario would be a digital smart lock for the exterior door. Aside from eliminating the need for keys, the doors can be toggled from anywhere.

Read on for reasons that it is necessary to purchase a smart home lock.

  • Additional Home Security

Aside from access from anywhere, smart locks offer a built-in alarm system.  Should there be an attempt to force entry while you’re gone, you’ll know. Aside from getting an alert from the app, it will reach out to authorities for you. Depending on the system you get, a momentary lock-out can occur after a certain number of failed passcode attempts.

  • Convenient for DIY

The installation of smart locks is quite convenient. It’s also helpful in cases when the front porch needs an upgrade. Smart locks don’t take much longer than 20 minutes to get installed.

  • Helpful for Families That Have Children

In some instances, children just let themselves in after school. Instead of incidents of forgotten or lost keys, they can be given access codes. You can keep track of the kids, and if they’re home alone, you can tell if there’s a concerning movement or activity.

There have been cases wherein unscrupulous contractors make copies of a physical key. They then make their way back into the home long after any work. It can be particularly worrisome for anyone that has young children. With a smart lock, this won’t be a problem.

  • Ideal Rental Property Security Measure

Sometimes, you get a home exterior makeover in Ontario because it’ll be a rental property. When there’s a smart lock in place, you won’t have to be there all the time. Access can be controlled from your phone so guests can get temporary access as needed. When the guests check out, you can immediately revoke access. There’s no need to take time out of your day to exchange physical keys or worry about copies. A lock code that’s easily changed when needed can be done.

  • Peace of Mind

Sometimes, when you’re well on the road to somewhere, you find yourself wondering if you locked your house. When there’s a smart lock on the front door, it can be checked on and locked from anywhere. The annoying, persistent feeling of possibly having left the house unlocked is gone.

  • Renovation Assistance

Depending on the builder you work with, smart locks may pop up during construction. It lets them track the coming and going of suppliers and trades alike. Homeowners can do much the same. When an extensive renovation is going on, it’s easy to monitor contractors if you had to move out temporarily.


Technology has advanced over the years in a way that’s spread across multiple areas. This includes smart home devices, such as a smart lock. You will benefit from a smart lock on your front door by giving you peace of mind, renovation assistance, and additional home security. Invest in a smart lock today and have a safer, more secure home.

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