If you own a home, you have a front door. Most older exterior doors in London are either hollow core or solid wood doors and as long as they aren’t falling apart, most homeowners leave them alone. The main problem with these older entry doors is that they are not energy efficient. Compared to modern steel and fiberglass doors, they are often 30% less energy efficient! Furthermore, if your door is drafty or doesn’t seal properly, this percentage can be even worse. But this isn’t the only reason to replace your entry doors! Keep reading to learn more.

Here Are The Main Reasons Our Customers Upgrade Their Doors:

  • McCallum Aluminum Limited – replace door – blog bodyEnergy Savings
  • Curb Appeal (make the front of your home stand out!)
  • More Light into their Home/ Entryway
  • Change of Style/ Colour
  • Easy Upgrade when looking to put the Home on the Market
  • Break in/insurance claim
  • Increase airflow (with venting sidelites or door lites)
  • Stop Existing Water Penetration
  • To Add Privacy with Privacy Glass/ Decorative Glass

If you’ve ever thought “I wonder how much it would be to change that ugly/ drafty door” Contact McCallum Aluminum in London Ontario today!!