If you own a home in London Ontario, you’ve probably thought about windows. Replacing an entire house of windows can cost a much as buying a new car so you want to be sure it’s worth it. In many cases the existing windows in a home don’t need to be replaced. Whether you live in a relatively new home with vinyl double glazed windows, or maybe you live in an older home with windows that were replaced 10-15 years ago, you may be wasting your money. However, there are legitimate reasons to have your windows replaced and you may want to do it sooner rather than later depending on how much energy you are losing from your home.

Inferior Window Glass/ Single pane:

Today’s energy star certified windows are all double or tripled glazed meaning that they have two or three panes of glass fused together with a spacer to make an energy efficient sealed unit. Many older windows (30 years or older) can actually be single glazed, meaning only one pane of glass. Only one pane of glass allows for heat and cold transfer at an unacceptable rate, leading to things like condensation and drafts. If you just have single glazed windows we would recommend replacement as soon as possible to save you the most on your hydro bills.

Today’s vinyl windows also have low e film and argon gas (in standard glass packages) which make the sealed units in the windows energy efficient. Low e is a film that reflects heat back to the source, and argon gas is a better insulator than air. Obviously single glazed windows have none of this but even older vinyl windows (10-20 years old) can be lacking these energy saving advancements. If either is the case we would recommend replacement to save you money on those hydro bills.

Drafty Windows:

If you have single glazed windows, they are probably drafty and we would recommend replacement. If you have newer windows but they are drafty, the problem may not be the windows but rather the installation of them. Low expansion spray foam is used in all of our window installations to bridge the gap between a window openings rough stud opening and the window itself. So if you have newer windows but still have a draft we would recommend taking the interior casing off the window to check for proper spray foam insulation. Do this before you decide to get new windows as you could be wasting your hard earned $$$.

Window frame/ sash material:

Todays most energy efficient windows are made from virgin vinyl. Wooden windows used to be the norm but due to their inferior energy efficiencies and necessary upkeep they are no longer a popular choice. Wooden windows are often painted and once this layer of pain wears away the window start to degrade from the outside in, and usually from the bottom up. If you have older wooden windows we would usually recommend replacement both to save you energy and to save you time when it comes to window upkeep. Newer vinyl windows require almost no upkeep other than basic cleaning or the windows and their tracks.


One of the most obvious signs that your windows need replacing is condensation on the window panes. Single glazed windows often/ almost always have this problem and some older double glazed windows can have it as well. The worst is when you blow an existing sealed unit and you get condensation between the panes of glass which leads to a fog you cannot wipe away. However, if you get condensation on the inside pane of glass it doesn’t necessarily mean you need new windows. Check the relative humidity in your home first and if its above 60% that may be the culprit. Adjust your thermostat and see if that helps. If it doesn’t, give us a call.

Window Hardware/ broken parts:

Windows, especially operating ones, have parts that are continuously in use by the homeowner. If you have an older window and one of these parts break, it may be impossible to replace depending on part availability. We have references for window part companies but if they cannot help you the next option is replacement. We usually recommend attempting a repair first as it could save you hundreds of dollars.

LASTLY: Many of our customers replace windows because they do not like the colour. Although we obviously don’t mind replacing your windows because of colour, there are other options available to help you avoid the cost of full replacement. We recommend professional painters for vinyl window colour changes and for wood windows most homeowners can tape and paint them themselves. But if you hate the colour of your windows and want the easiest fix, give us a call for a free no pressure quote on brand new North Star Windows or Gentek Regency Windows today!!

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