Windows may seem like practical features in houses, but looking through the glass, you’ll see that it plays a pivotal role in transforming structures into liveable homes. They connect us to the outside world and cast our homes in warm light, creating an airy, welcoming atmosphere. 

Caring for the state of your windows goes a long way, one that extends to your home’s functions like its overall energy efficiency. Regularly maintaining your windows is especially important if you consider that they don’t age gracefully like other structures in your home. 

When left to its own devices, the harsh weather conditions can lead to warping, which is a serious problem that can compromise your curb appeal and waste your energy consumption. 

What Are Warped Windows? 

The changing seasons and temperatures can cause your windows to bend out of shape, leaving unsightly gaps that let hot air in and the cool breeze out. Any kind of warping deserves your immediate attention, but it helps to watch out for different types like the following: 

  • Bow – a type of warping that deforms the face of the window; 
  • Crook – a type of warping that bends the edges of the window; 
  • Kink – one of the rarer types of warping, a kink typically occurs in a specific area of the window sash; 
  • Cup – a type of warping the bends the windows inwards or outwards; 
  • Twist – a type of warping that twists the edges of the windows;

Recognizing these deformities can help you spot issues with your windows earlier, which warrants a replacement as soon as your budget allows it. After all, letting your windows stay in their warped state will only lead you to costlier consequences down the line. 

Why Do Windows Warp?

Windows with a wooden frame are the most susceptible to warping tendencies since the material doesn’t respond well to inclement weather. Wood can retain plenty of moisture, so exposing the material to rain, snow, fog, and other humid conditions can cause the frame to expand, move, or shrink. 

When the window frame absorbs too much moisture, it will begin to warp. This creates a tidal wave of negative effects as it messes with your indoor temperature control, leaving you with ugly windows that make your home look lopsided and higher bills to pay. 

The Bottom Line: Choosing the Right Window Treatment to Avoid Warping Tendencies 

Many windows can easily bend out of shape as time and outdoor elements take their toll, but you can save yourself the trouble by choosing the best window treatments for your abode. Vinyl windows are well-known for their long-lasting durability and water resistance, making them an excellent pick for withstanding different seasons. 

If you ever notice warpings in your old windows, it’s time to call for a window replacement immediately and swap it for better alternatives like vinyl windows. With this choice, you can enjoy picture-perfect views for the long haul. 

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