Many homeowners in London Ontario know about double glazed vinyl replacement windows, but many don’t know they have options when it comes to window Glass.

When it comes to upgrading your windows, you can get different heat and light reflecting films, different internal gasses or, you can go all out by getting your windows triple glazed! It is a no brainer that three panes of glass are better than two, but is it worth the cost?

Well, it depends:

If you lived south of the border, probably not. Unless you are using triple glazing to get an additional layer of solar reflecting film, double glazed vinyl windows are probably good enough for your areas environmental profile. The story changes however if you live in London Ontario Canada, where the yearly extremes are almost unmatched.

Triple glazing a window can increase the cost of a window by 10-20%, but many Canadians think the benefits are worth it.

Do you want to most energy efficient windows you can get? Are you environmentally conscious when it comes to your home? Then Triple Glazed windows are for you! Many of our customers plan on being in their homes for a lifetime and although triple glazed windows have an additional cost, you can make that back in energy savings in a few years.

Other reasons to upgrade:

Triple pane glass allows for another cavity of sealed glass which contains the energy efficient gas Argon, (and sometimes krypton) which makes a huge difference when it comes to hot or cool energy transfer. Older vinyl windows just used air!

Triple pane glass also allows for another layer of heat reflective film (Low E or Low E 366 among others), which reflects heat back to the source, making your home more comfortable. Older Vinyl windows lack this feature all together.

Triple glazed windows have less condensation in Canadian/ London Ontario climates. With the extra buffer of glass, gas and film, you basically eliminate the cold glass that causes condensation, which can occur even in new double-glazed windows.

Triple Glazed windows also reduce noise. If you live on a busy road or near a bus route, McCallum’s almost always recommends triple glazing. You can reduce the exterior noise coming into your home by as much as 30%. This can make all the difference for a comfortable and quiet living space.

Whether it is exterior noise you want to get rid of or you are concerned about getting the best energy efficiency out of your home, triple glazed windows are worth it. Currently double glazed vinyl windows are the Canadian Standard but triple glazing is the future; and it’s warm a bright.

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