A strong, stylish front door can make your house stand out to catch anyone’s attention. It’s one of the first things people see and look at when they pass by your house. So, it only makes sense to choose a door that’s functional, durable, and aesthetically pleasing. Wooden doors have always been the default option, but steel and fiberglass doors are both excellent choices that meet those three criteria. If you have to choose between steel and fiberglass, which do you think is the better option for a door installation in London, Ontario? Let’s compare them both to find out which one is superior.


Fiberglass doors offer a stylish option that’s very much like wooden doors. The difference is it’s easier to maintain and can closely mimic many wood grains, such as cherry, oak, and mahogany, without all the hassle of maintaining them. Also, fiberglass doors usually come in a pre-painted or stained state, so you have that customized look.

On the other hand, steel doors offer a variety of styles that you can choose from depending on what aesthetic you’re going for. The best part is, high-end steel doors are perfectly capable of mimicking the look of wood and can even be installed with decorative panels and other details. Steel doors can also be painted to fit your entryway’s look and are great for having that smooth, modern style.


Compared to wooden doors, fiberglass doors are generally a longer-lasting option. They don’t warp or incur damage from harsh outside elements like rain, heat, moisture, or humidity. You also don’t have to worry about rusting. While it can stand the test of time, fiberglass doors can be dented or cracked if struck with enough force.

When talking about durability, steel is an excellent choice as it’s both sturdy and strong. It also outperforms wood and can last for years longer. While steel doors also don’t warp, they are quite susceptible to being scratched or dented. But the biggest concern for steel doors is oxidation or rust. If not properly cared for, your door can easily rust and lose its gloss and appeal.

Ease of Maintenance

Fiberglass, particularly Gentek exterior doors, are relatively easy to clean. You only need to wipe the surface clean with a soft, moist cloth if you want to clear away dirt and dust. Make sure to rinse it with a gentle hose spray to avoid damaging the paint job. If any stains can’t be easily removed, you can use a pressure washer but at the lowest possible setting to avoid leaving a dent on the fiberglass.

Steel doors are known for their smooth surface that’s easy to wipe clean off dust and dirt. Remember to only use a dry cloth with a soft fabric when wiping off dirt on its surface. Any moisture can cause the steel surface to rust. Also, it’s best to use a microfiber cloth to avoid scratching the steel surface.


Generally, both fiberglass and steel doors are significantly better choices than traditional wooden doors. There’s no clear winner between the two since they both have advantages and disadvantages. It’s a matter of preference or whatever meets your needs.

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