The front entrance of your home is the very first thing your guests will see as they walk up to your house. Whether you have a wooden door or one of those superior Gentek exterior doors, you keep your front entry looking great and welcoming at all times. Here are four easy ways you can do to refresh your front door.


Give It a New Paint Job

A splash of bright, bold paint that offers good contrast with your home’s siding and walls is a great way to give your door a new look. Consider the style of your home when choosing which color would go best with your front door.

To get the best results, removing your door and sanding it down will make sure your new paint job will look even better. If you’re not sure how to properly remove your door, you can always call an expert on door installations in Ontario. Choose an outdoor paint that will easily stand out but at the same time complement the overall look of your home.


Get Some New Hardware

Your doorknob is probably the last thing you might think of updating, as it is just a tiny part of your door. Contrary to popular belief, it can make a huge difference as it can accentuate the dominant color of your door. If you currently have a simple-looking doorknob and escutcheon, you can try replacing it with something more decorative. You can go for brushed nickel or even oil-rubbed bronze for your doorknob.

Whatever style or design you choose, you’ll want to remove the old door handle first, including the locking hardware. For a more elegant look, a classic knocker that matches your doorknob will work well in adding more accents to your door.


Add or Replace House Numbers

A door knocker can be a little too old-fashioned for you, and it may not always work the look of your home. Adding a house number might just be a better and more modern alternative. House numbers can draw the attention of guests easily, and it will make it easier for them to locate your home.


Add Lighting Fixtures

If you don’t already have lights installed on your front entry, putting a few lights around can significantly improve the impact of your door on your home’s overall look. If you have a porch, a hanging wall fixture is a great option. It can cast a welcoming pool of light at your front door, further highlighting its colors and the accessories you put into it. A couple of outdoor spotlights on the ground aimed at your door adds a bit of a dramatic flair, but it can be too much for some people. Whatever way you want to light up your front door is entirely up to you.



A home’s front door is there for a reason, and that’s to welcome the people that come and go from your property and to keep them safe inside your home. If your front door is not setting the tone that you want, then sprucing it up and adding some color or accessory can change its look and appearance.

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