Windows and doors are more than just holes in your home. They can increase your home’s appeal and perform many functions. Tall, clean windows allow you to save energy because natural light can flow into your home, basking you in natural light. Strong and sturdy doors and windows also protect your family from unwelcome entities.

Most doors and windows are very durable. They don’t need much maintenance since they can last for decades and decades. Many homeowners do not think of inspecting them to ensure they are in good condition.

However, as a homeowner, you also need to maintain them and check their condition twice a year. Knowing how to check for issues can easily address the problem before it becomes worse. Here are some advantages of inspecting your windows and doors regularly:

1. You can check for damage.

Inspecting your windows and doors allow you to see any damage that is difficult to notice. It’s good to see these small cracks and bends because if you leave them exposed and open, they can compromise your security measures. To protect your family from both natural and human elements, conduct a yearly inspection.

2. Learn about the age of your windows and doors.

Windows and doors have a lifespan of 20–25 years. Knowing the number of years your window and doors have been used can help you keep an eye out for potential signs of damage. You may not think it is useful when your doors and windows are fairly new, but it will be helpful when your doors have aged.

3. Check for cracks in your caulking.

The caulking in your windows and door frames is important because it seals the small space between the window or door frame and your home. This makes sure that water, bugs, and heat can’t enter your home. It keeps these insects out, so your home is protected.

Eventually, this caulking will begin to break down, shrink, and even deteriorate. When gaps appear in your windows and door, it can let the pests and water in, putting your home at risk. If you continue to neglect these cracks, you may end up replacing your windows or doors.

4. Check the appearance and style of your windows and doors.

There’s nothing wrong with upgrading your home to make it more beautiful. There’s something about seeing your home in a state that makes you smile.

To complete your annual inspection, try walking to the street in front of your home and take a good look at your home. Do your windows and doors add to or take away from your home’s curb appeal? If they are not adding to your home’s aesthetic, can they be fixed or updated, perhaps with some fresh paint?

If you realize that your windows and doors do not complement your overall aesthetic, it is better to start planning an upgrade. By completing your annual inspection for doors and windows, you can identify ways to improve your aesthetic. You can also compare the wear and tear that your windows and doors face.


Conducting yearly inspection allows you to check for cracks and issues. You can easily replace them or control the problem to avoid further damage. Lastly, it does not help you maintain the value of your home when you plan to resell it.

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